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Kari Feinstein Emmy Style Lounge Photos
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Earlier today, Lacey Chabert was photographed at the Kari Feinstein Primetime Emmy Awards Style Lounge in Los Angeles and I have just added 13 photos of her from the event!

“Thirst” Movie Clip
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Jo Blo has an exclusive clip from “Thirst” – you can watch it below!

The exclusive clip below is titled “The Accident,” and as you can probably guess, it features the key car accident that sets up the entire movie. But wait! What’s THIRST all about anywyay? Check it out: Ill prepared and naïve, Noelle and her husband Bryan accompany another couple on what they think will be a sexy photo shoot in the desert. Her worst fears become a reality after their car crashes into a ravine, leaving them stranded in the desert struggling to survive. Following their devastating car crash, Noelle’s group is left marooned with little water, no shelter and no cell phone reception. Forced to ration their supplies, tensions rise as quickly as the dry desert heat. Dehydrated, lost and hopeless, one by one the group begins to fall victim to the relentless elements. Miles away from civilization, suffering from delirium and dying of thirst, will anyone make it out alive?

The potential here is rockin’, and with the smokin’ hotness of Lacy Chabert in the house, how can you go wrong? Co-starring Tygh Runyon, Mercedes McNab, and Brandon Quinn, THIRST is getting ready to hit DVD June 22, 2010.

Step Up Women’s Network 7th Annual Inspiration Awards Photos
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Earlier this month, Lacey attended the 7th Annual Inspiration Awards and I have added 68 HQ and MQ photos of her at the event!

“Thirst” Stills
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I have added 6 HQ stills of Lacey from the film “Thirst” into the photo gallery.

“Thirst” will be released on DVD June 22, 2010!

“Ghosts of Girlfriends Past” Captures
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I have just finished adding 403 HQ captures of Lacey from the movie “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past” into our gallery!